Your question: Why was Christianity an important part of Spanish colonial rule?

Why was Christianity an important part of Spanish colonial rule quizlet?

The church had missions which included the church, town, and farmlands. There goal was to convert Native Americans to Christianity. They also increased Spanish control over land. How did the Spanish missions change the lives of Native Americans?

Why did the Spanish spread Christianity?

Much of the expressed goals of the spread of Catholicism was to bring salvation to the souls of the indigenous peoples. The Church and the Crown alike viewed the role and presence of the Church in the Americas as a buffer against the corrupt encomenderos and other European settlers.

What role did Christianity play in the Spanish conquest?

What role did religion play in the Spanish conquest of Latin America? Their Christian beliefs kept the Spanish from committing atrocities against the Native American communities. … Document 2 describes what native people experienced as the Spanish conquistadors entered their homeland.

What was the role of the Catholic religion in Spanish colonial society in the Philippines?

Catholicism and the Spanish state were inseparable, and the religious played a predominant role in the administration of the Philippines. … By the late Spanish colonial period, the Catholic orders and their friars were the wealthiest and most politically powerful elements within Filipino society.

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What was the role of the church in colonial Mexico?

The documents in this collection speak to the central role of the Catholic Church in colonial Mexico. … The Catholic Church had great economic, political, cultural, and social clout in the Americas. The ability to leave behind written records of its activities further ensconced its place in Latin American history.

Why did the Spanish spread Christianity in the Philippines?

In order to achieve this, Spain had three principal objectives in its policy towards the Philippines: the first was to secure Spanish control and acquisition of a share in the spice trade; use the islands in developing contact with Japan and China in order to further Christian missionaries’ efforts there; and lastly to …

Why did Europeans want to spread Christianity in the Americas?

Why did Europeans want to spread Christianity in the Americas? They believed that God wanted them to convert other peoples. What types of goods did Europeans ship to Africa and the Americas on Triangular Trade routes? … Africans were brought to the Americas as enslaved people.

How did Spanish introduce Christianity to the Philippines?

Spain introduced Christianity to the Philippines in 1565 with the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. … While Islam was contained in the southern islands, Spain conquered and converted the remainder of the islands to Hispanic Christianity.

What role S did religion play in the Spanish conquest and colonization of the Americas?

First, they tried to use it as a moral justification for expansion and as a means of claiming legitimate authority over foreign territory. Second, the elite attempted to use religion to exert control over the people — including Natives, Africans, and Europeans — living on newly discovered lands.

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