Your question: What kind of Christian is skillet?

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Is Skillet a Catholic?

Skillet is also a Christian band. … But the band’s not interested in preaching to the choir either. Skillet is hoping to smash barriers, showing that devout Christians can still rock and hard rock fans can still love “Christian music.” “I grew up in Memphis … in a very strict religious home,” John Cooper said.

What does the band Skillet believe?

I believe in the Bible and I believe in the principles of the Bible and living by it. And as I got older I just kind of said, a lot of the things that I’m being told I can’t do.

Does skillet swear?

But even if you’re not Christian or even non-religious, Skillet may be a good option for you. The band has clean lyrics (which do not swear) and promote positive messages such as finding strength in your loved ones, standing up for what you believe in, and coming back stronger than before.

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