Why were the poor and powerless attracted to Christianity?

Which of the following is a reason why Christianity appealed to the poor?

Why did Christianity appeal to the poor and oppressed? They found comfort in Jesus’ message of love and better life after death.

Why did the Gentiles find Christianity attractive?

Why did Gentiles find Christianity attractive? They desperately needed the Good News of One God, who loved them and wanted them to love one another. What cities did Paul visit on his second journey?

Where did Christianity appeal to the poor and the downtrodden?

2. Why did Christianity appeal to the poor and the downtrodden? Ans) Christianity appealed to the poor and downtrodden because it involved the worship of only one God and promised salvation to all. 3.

Why is helping the poor important in Christianity?

Many Christians believe it is part of their religious duty to help the poor. … Many Christians living in rich nations feel they have a responsibility towards those in poorer nations. This means offering practical help as well as remembering them in prayer. Christians also concern themselves with their local area.

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Why was Christianity appealing to many in the Kingdom of Kongo?

The Kongolese nobility swiftly adopted Christianity for several reasons. The first is that the nature of the centralized government and the hierarchically structured society facilitated the dissemination of information.

How did Christianity spread quizlet?

It was spread by apostles and missionaries. It was seen as a threat, and they were persecuted, until the emperor Constantine became a Christian.

Who was part of the original circle of Jesus followers and what was their religious heritage?

what was part of the original circle of Jesus’ followers, and what was their religious heritage. the twelve apostles formed the original circle around Jesus, and the beliefs that united them came from Judaism. Peter was originally a fisherman.

How did the Christianity gain political support?

Answer: In 313 CE, the emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan, which granted Christianity—as well as most other religions—legal status.

What explained the spread of both Buddhism and Christianity?

Both were religions of monks, whose communities offered protection from the strife that surrounded them. … Both were militant religions that relied on armies to spread their doctrines to unbelievers.

What did Emperor Nero blame Christians for?

Nero himself blamed the fire on an obscure new Jewish religious sect called the Christians, whom he indiscriminately and mercilessly crucified. … Yet there is evidence that, in 64 A.D., many Roman Christians believed in prophecies predicting that Rome would soon be destroyed by fire.