Who is the strongest sin in seven deadly sins?

Is ban the strongest sin?

His physique has evolved so much that even after losing his immortality, he was completely unharmed by the Demon King’s energy storm. Ban’s power level is expected to be somewhere around 700,000 making him the third strongest Seven Deadly Sin.

Is Merlin the strongest sin?

Merlin’s spot on this list doesn’t reflect her full power. The sin of gluttony comes in at 4,710 with 3,540 in magic, 70 in strength, and 1,100 in spirit. … In the Seven Deadly Sins manga, Merlin is seen defeating opponents with combat classes of over 160,000.

Who can Meliodas beat?

10 Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

When he has embraced his demon form, Meliodas is strong enough to defeat Escanor. Though their canon battle yielded different results, this was only because it had conveniently become noon just as the former captain was preparing to kill him.

What is Meliodas max power level?

With the “Demon Mark” it is at 56,000. After his revival, his ‘normal’ power level was at 60,000. And in is Assault Mode it is at 142,000.

Is Elizabeth stronger than Meliodas?

Is Elizabeth stronger than Meliodas? Goddess Elizabeth is as strong as assault mode Meliodas and stronger than Ludociel. Out of the Goddess clan during the war, only Elizabeth and Mael were said to be able to stop Meliodas. She also knows every spell in the Goddess clan since she is the daughter of the supreme diety.

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