Who is the owner of Dunamis Church?

Who is founder of Dunamis Church?

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF PASTOR PAUL IDOKO ENENCHE: THE FOUNDER OF DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL CENTER. Paul Enenche was born in Otukpo on June 4, in the year 1968, to the family of Chief D.E Eneche the paramount ruler of Orokam District in Ogbadibo Local Government Area .

What is Pastor Paul Enenche net worth?

One of such men is Pastor Paul Eneche of Dunamis International Gospel (DIG). Pastor (Dr.)

Paul Enenche Net Worth, Cars, Houses And Updated Biography.

Real name Paul Enenche
Occupation Pastor
Net worth $20 million
Wife Becky Enenche

How old is pastor Paul Eneche?

Dr. Paul was Born on 4 June 1968 in Otukpo. He is 53 years old. He is a Nigerian Pastor, author, musician, and trained medical doctor.


Real Name Dr. Paul Enenche
Home Town Nigeria
Zodiac N/A
Physical Status
Age 53 Years Old

Where did Dunamis Church start from?


On May 28, 1996, in the small town of Jos, Nigeria, It started that as a young doctor Paul Enenche was at a crossroads of his life.

Which is the largest church in Nigeria?

This is a list of the largest evangelical church auditoriums.


Auditorium name Faith Tabernacle
Church Living Faith Church Worldwide
Year completed 1999
Capacity 50,000
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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Where is Paul enenche wife from?

Dr Enenche was born on the 23rd of October, 1970. She is a native of Ikachi, Oju Local Government, Benue Nigeria.

How do I contact Paul enenche?

Paul Enenche’s Email

  1. @dunamisgospel.org.
  2. @yahoo.com.
  3. @gmail.com.
  4. @drpaulenenche.org.

Who is Pastor David Ogbueli?

Pastor David Ogbueli is the Senior Pastor of Dominion City Churches Worldwide, one of the fastest growing Pentecostal Ministries in Nigeria. … The Dominion City church, sometimes known as the New Covenant Family (NCF) actually began in 1996.