Who has played Jesus on screen?

Who played Jesus best?

1. Jim Caviezel, “The Last Passion of the Christ.” (2004) Considered one of the most realistic performances, Caviezel’s was sparked by his own strong religious beliefs.

What happened to the actor who played Jesus?

Caviezel portrayed Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. During filming, he was struck by lightning, accidentally scourged, had his shoulder dislocated, and suffered from pneumonia and hypothermia.

Who plays Jesus in The Big Lebowski?

Did the guy who played Jesus get struck by lightning?

Actor Jim Caviezel, who plays Jesus, has been struck by lightning. The lighting bolt, which hit Caviezel and the film’s assistant director Jan Michelini, struck while the pair were apparently filming in a “remote location” a few hours from Rome.

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