Where is Philadelphia in the Bible located today?

Where is Philadelphia church?

The Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) is an international church based in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA.

Philadelphia Church of God
Leader Gerald R. Flurry
Region International
Headquarters Edmond, Oklahoma
Origin December 7, 1989 Edmond, Oklahoma

What denomination is Philadelphia Church of God?

We believe the Church is that body of believers who are being led by the Holy Spirit; that the true Church of God is not a denomination; that the inspired name for this spiritual organism is “the Church of God” (Acts 20:28); that the mission of the Church today is to preach the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God to …

Was there a Philadelphia in Egypt?

There was a city of Philadelphia (which meant, in ancient Greek, “City of Brotherly Love”) located in Egypt, about 75 miles to the southwest of modern day Cairo, founded during the Ptolemaic Period (305-30 BCE).

What was wrong with the church in Thyatira?

The problem in Thyatira was that the church was mislead by an immoral prophetess. … While this prophetess refused to repent and would suffer the consequences, those who had sinned with her were given time to repent before they too would face punishment.

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