What is the St Christopher prayer?

Why do you pray to St Christopher?

Through the nature of the river crossing story, Saint Christopher became known as the patron saint of travelers and a symbol of safe travel and protection. As St. Christopher came to symbolize protection to travelers, many churches placed images or statues of him in prominent locations to be easily seen.

Is St Christopher good luck?

As the patron saint of travellers, Saint Christopher has long been an important symbol for travellers around the world. … Saint Christopher has come to represent good luck, fortune and protection for travellers. Many decide to carry a Saint Christopher pendant with them as a lucky travel talisman.

Was St Christopher a real person?

Though one of the most popular saints, there is no certainty that he existed historically. According to the Roman martyrology, he died in Lycia under the Roman emperor Decius (c. 250).

What saint is good for protection?

Saint Christopher (Sant Cristòfol)

What is the motorist prayer?

The top section of the visor clip has the motorist’s prayer. Lord grant me a steady hand and watchful eye that no man may be hurt when I pass by. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

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