What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Church?

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the church today?

​Outline the role of the Holy Spirit in the church today

The Holy Spirit enables Christians to worship God/pray/sing. He gives believers deep understanding/revelation of God. He unites the believers as one body of Christ. … He enables Christians to prophesy/preach the word of God/leads to the growth of the church.

How important is the Holy Spirit to the church?

The Holy Spirit works in us by peeling away our sinful characteristics and replacing them with godly characteristics. His work in us makes us more and more like Jesus. Just as Acts 1:8 mentions, the Holy Spirit empowers Christians to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

How is the Holy Spirit central to the life of the church?

The Holy Spirit works to “build up” the holiness of the Church’s members in various ways: through the Sacraments, through the virtues by which we live a moral life, and by the many gifts the Holy Spirit gives to each person. At Pentecost the Holy Spirits’s power to build the Church was made known.

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How does the Holy Spirit makes the church grow?

Since the Kingdom of God is an active expression of His reign on earth, it is extended and realized as individuals and churches seek and submit to His will and purposes. … As believers actively cooperate with the Holy Spirit, the church is strengthened in its role of being a foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

In what ways does the Holy Spirit work in the church?

The Holy Spirit intercedes for the believers in agreement with God’s will. He helps the children of God in their need, cleanses and sets them apart for holy living, and empowers them for service. The Holy Spirit is also present in the corporate life of the church, inspiring unity, worship and service.

Does the Holy Spirit guide the Church to pray?

The Holy Spirit guides the Church to pray. False – that is a Holy Day of Obligation – not a Novena. A Novena is a day we are obliged to participate in the Mass to celebrate a special event in the life of Jesus, Mary or the Saints.

Who gives life to the Church?

The Holy Spirit gives life to the Church.

What are the benefits of the Holy Spirit?

Holy power of this Spirit gives believers purification and support their spiritual maturing. It helps a person to become more close to God. Remember that in the process of sanctification Holy spirit is just a helper and conductor of divine power, but it is you who initiate and support this process.

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