Quick Answer: Is there treasure under Trinity Church?

What is under Trinity Church?

Trinity Church is a church on Wall St. and Broadway where beneath the surface Benjamin Franklin Gates and his friends finds the Freemasons treasure, the Templar Treasure.

Where is Eliza Hamilton buried?

Is Parkington Lane a real person?

Parkington Lane was born in 1688 and sometime during his life became a Freemason. He was a third-degree master mason of the Blue Lodge when he died in 1744.

Did the founding fathers hide treasure?

The loot was later brought to the United States by the Freemasons, a secret society. Determined to keep it out of the hands of the British during the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin and other Masons hid the treasure in a secret location but left clues to its whereabouts in famous American landmarks.

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Where was Aaron Burr buried?

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