Question: Who was the oldest priest in the Ballad of Father Gilligan?

Why was the priest tired throughout in the poem The Ballad of Father Gilligan?

Expert Answers

Father Gilligan in the ballad by Yeats, “The Ballad of Father Gilligan,” is tired because his people are dying off so fast. His job is to go to them, comfort them, and give them last rites when they are near death.

Who is a father Gilligan in the poem The Ballad of Father Gilligan?

Father Gilligan is a parish priest living and working deep in the Irish countryside. He is a dedicated man, assiduously ministering to his parish, despite the fact that his parishioners keep dying off. Father Gilligan himself is a very old man, and the passing away of half his “flock” is…

Why was the priest tired?

The answer has been stated below.

The old priest was wearied and tired because he worked day and night. In his village, people called the Father Gilligan when someone died or was sick. While performing these rites, day and night, Father Gilligan became weary and tired.

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What is the poem The Ballad of Father Gilligan about?

“The Ballad of Father Gilligan” written by the popular 20th century Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, tells a simple story of faith in God and his generosity. The Ballad of Father Gilligan deals with the themes of faith, duty and service. A ballad is a simple poem or a song that narrates a story.

What did the old priest complain of?

When a message came from a poor man who has been dying and needed his service and then the old priest began to complain. The old priest complained because he was tired and had no time for rest, happiness and peace and people were dying in large number.

Why was the old priest weary night and day?

Answer: The old priest was weary day and night because people called him when someone died or either they were ill.

How does Father Gilligan explain his grievance?

Father Gilligan grieves at the beginning of the poem because he is old, tired, and overworked. … He repents because he knows that his job is to try to give comfort to other people — sort of as God gives him comfort in the rest of the poem.

Where does Father Gilligan fall asleep?

The poem starts with the old priest, Peter Gilligan who is very, very tired. Half of his ‘flock’ were dead. Sleeping in their beds and lying down under the green sods are metaphors for them being dead.

Why do you think he was nodding on the chair in the evening hours?

Answer: Father Gilligan was nodding on the chair because by evening he was tired and was dozing off to sleep.

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Why is the time called moth hour?

Explanation: In it the ‘moth-hour of eve’ is a time before the ‘stars begin to peep’ implying that the ‘moth-hour’ is at dusk or twilight. well after Father Gilligan falls asleep, Yeats refers to dawn or daybreak as the ‘time of sparrow chirp/When the moths come once more’.

Why does Father Gilligan refer to God so eloquently?

Answer:The message that the poet is trying to convey through the poem ‘The Ballad of Father Gilligan’ is that God helps those who help others. … God knew Father Gilligan was extremely tired so God helped him in his time of need.