Question: What does Bible mean slang?

What does Bible mean in texting?


Acronym Definition
BIBLE Be Informed Before Leaving Earth
BIBLE Basic Instructions before Life Ends
BIBLE Be Informed Before Life Ends
BIBLE Blinded Information Based on Lack of Evidence

What is the urban Bible?

Description. This fresh new Bible focuses on urban life today, with 52 devotional readings and Bible study tools-one for every week of the year. … It also contains a wealth of bonus features, including Bible reading plans, introductions to each Bible book, and a topical guide to key verses.

What does God stand for in slang?

Slang / Jargon (49) Acronym. Definition. GOD. Good Old Days.

What does of in slang mean?

The abbreviation “OF” is used frequently on TikTok and many users have been curious about what it means. It appears that “OF” stands for OnlyFans, and is used by TikTok users who want to refer to the subscription service without actually spelling it out.

Is Bible an acronym?

Hi, the word “Bible” itself is not an acronym. It comes from the latin word “biblia”, which means “book”. However, there is a joke among Christians saying “Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth” as an acronym for BIBLE. This is not the official meaning, though.

Is there an urban Bible?

It’s the Bible as you’ve never read it. In this engaging new paraphrase, author and actor Rob Lacey renders the Bible in the language of the modern urban reader. … For new and seasoned readers alike, the street bible takes the message of the Scriptures into the 21st century to create the impact it had in the 1st century.

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What does Hod stand for?


Acronym Definition
HOD House of David (various locations)
HOD Head of Design (various companies)
HOD Hydrogen on Demand
HOD Head of Department