Is the Berean Study Bible accurate?

Is Berean a denomination?

Historically, the Bereans (also called Beroeans, Barclayans or Barclayites) were a Protestant sect following former Scottish Presbyterian minister John Barclay (1734-1798). Founded in Edinburgh in 1773, the Berean Church followed a modified form of Calvinism.

What does the Berean church believe?

We believe there is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons; these are equal in every divine perfection, and they execute distinct but harmonious offices in the work of creation, providence, and redemption.

Is a Study Bible a real Bible?

If you’re not familiar with the Bible market, study Bibles are no different from “regular” Bibles when it comes to the biblical text. For example, the Scripture verses you find in the Archaeological Study Bible will be the same as any other Bible from the same translation.

What does the word Berean mean?

: a native or inhabitant of the ancient city Beroea.

What is Berean holiness?

Berean Holiness website is an attempt to push the Church back towards the direction of Christ-like holiness, a holiness which is not grounded in rules, but rather grounded in relationship.

Where is modern day Berea?

Berea was in southwestern Macedonia. The city’s foundation stood where modern day Veria or Kar-Verria in Greece is today. It was in a unique position. There is a variety of terrain that surrounded the city then and now.

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Who wrote the book of Acts?

Acts of the Apostles, abbreviation Acts, fifth book of the New Testament, a valuable history of the early Christian church. Acts was written in Greek, presumably by St. Luke the Evangelist. The Gospel According to Luke concludes where Acts begins, namely, with Christ’s Ascension into heaven.