How rich is Christian nodal?

How much does Christian Nodal charge for a show?

Christian Nodal Ticket Prices

City Venue Average Ticket Price
Chicago The Forum $92
Los Angeles Toyota Arena $173
Houston Bayou Music Center $140
Chicago Rosemont Theatre $92

How did Christian Nodal get famous?

He drew the attention of Fonovisa’s A&R department, which signed him in 2016. After inking his record deal, he appeared as a featured vocalist in the video for Los Plebes del Rancho’s hit “No Pasa de Moda,” which garnered over 22 million hits.

How do Christians book nodal?

CALL US TODAY (725) 228-5100 and speak with a CTI Christian Nodal booking agent to get direct availability and pricing for having this talent to work your event.

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