How do you use the Tibetan prayer wheel?

How is a prayer wheel made?

A prayer wheel is of a hollow metal cylinder, often beautifully embossed, mounted on a rod handle and containing a tightly wound scroll printed with a mantra. The external cylinder of a prayer wheel is made out of repoussé metal, usually gilded bronze.

How does a prayer circle work?

A prayer circle is most simply where participants join hands in a literal circle of prayer, often as part of a vigil. … A prayer circle may also refer to some online communities where people share their thoughts and prayers with other like-minded worshippers, usually within specially-designated message board areas.

What is written on Tibetan?

The Tibetan script is a segmental writing system (abugida) of Indic origin used to write certain Tibetic languages, including Tibetan, Dzongkha, Sikkimese, Ladakhi, Jirel and Balti.

Tibetan script.

Direction left-to-right
Languages Tibetan Dzongkha Ladakhi Sikkimese Balti Sherpa Jirel Yolmo Tshangla Sanskrit
Related scripts
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